Monday, 1 December 2008

Been A Long Time

Catch up time, starting at Hall Green

Stats from August - November (runs-wins)

Aria (1/10) Won A4@6/1 been running A2-A4
Belle (1/9) Won A6@11/4 also 6 2nds between A 5/6 (Season 4th Oct)
Betty (1/13) Won A5@9/2 been running A4-A5 , Trialled in over 645m
Billy (0/2) * 2 runs in A3 Newbie :)
Fivo (2/15) Wins A4@3/1 , A4@3/1 been running A1-A4
Lucy (3/16) Wins A6@11/2 , 645Hc@4/1 , A5@4/1 races A4-A6-645m
Lulu (2/10) Wins A5@Evs , A4@9/2 been running A3-A5
Macy (2/3) * Wins A5@3/1 , A3@5/1 Newbie :)
Misty (0/1) * Single run in A5 before her Season 27th Nov
Polar (2/13) Wins A4@3/1 , A2@4/1 been running A1-A4
Russ (1/7) Won A1@7/2 been running A1-A2
Shelley (1/6) Won A7@Evs Injured Gracilius and Retired :(
Teddy (1/18) Won S1@9/2 Runs A1-A2, 645 Open,S1,S2 and Hcaps
Tom (1/13) Won A2@3/1 been running A1-A3

Monthly Breakdown ---------------

Aug (4/35) Dog Of The Month --- Belle
Sep (3/27) Dog Of The Month --- Lucy
Oct (6/34) Dog Of The Month --- Lulu
Nov (5/40) Dog Of The Month --- Macy

Year To Date - ----65/387

* New arrivals since last post are -----------

Jake - Benlass Panther, Purchased at July Perry Barr Sales
Billy - Coolbeggan Billy, Purchased on our Ireland trip with Dave + Gordon
Macy - Benlass Charger, Purchased at October Hall Green Sales
Misty - Mistys Dazl, Syndicate Purchased at October Hall Green Sales
Daisy - Benlass Flyer, Purchased at November Perry Barr Sales (Gordon)
Poppy - Benlass Poppet, Purchased at November Perry Barr Sales (Gordon)

Stats For Year ----------

Aria (1/10) A3 at present
Belle (3/26) On Seasonal Rest (4th October)
Betty (5/30) A6 at present and in 645m Hcap Tuesday
Billy (0/2) Graded in A3 ,Dec 06 Dog
Bouncer (5/31) A4 on a retrial
Daisy (0/0) Trialling in at present, Oct 06 Bitch
Fivo (6/38) Good November Won A4 lastest
Jade (3/28) A4 at present
Jake (0/0) After problems, finally graded on A7. First race Tuesday
Lucy (9/39) A4 and 645Hcap, running Tuesday
Lulu (5/30) Come back from season really well, 6 bends soon
Macy (2/3) Flying start for this Oct 06 Bitch, SEnq 2nd run !!!
Marvin (7/36) Retired, at home with Ann + Dave :) Career (12/80)
Misty (0/1) One run then Season (27th Nov) June 07 Bitch
Polar (3/22) Struggling of late, A3 should suit him better
Poppy (0/0) Trialling in at present, Sept 06 Bitch
Russ (5/29) A2 On a retrial, just coming back from injury
Teddy (9/55) Runs his heart out every time, too consistent for his own good
Tom (5/31) Struggling of late, took a lot of bumps, Injured
Shelley (2/21) Retired due to injury. Rehomed by Hall Green Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT), Career (12/74). Not bad for £50 !!!!


Poker - Not played much, bit more late November. Popped my calf playing Indoor Cricket OUCH. Been on crutches until yesterday !!!!!!!
Dabbled in a few MTTs, only 1 FT to write home about and a slight loss in £££.
One gripe, Crypto has changed the 11pm competition, NOT happy !!!

Villa sit 5th in the Premiership at the moment and to be realistic thats the best i am sure we can hope for. Good results against Arsenal and Man Utd mixed in with Stoke,Boro and Fulham says it all.

Had a great day out at Wembley for the 2nd International Series match.
New Orleans Saints 'Hosting' San Diego Chargers in a Week 8 Match up.
In a very entertaining and high scoring game the Saints ran out deserving winners beating the Chargers 37-32. Devery Henderson scoring the games first TD was in particular the highlight for my pocket £3 @ 22/1 very nice :)

Whilst typing next years game has been announced The Buccaneers of Tampa Bay will 'Host' The Patriots of New England on Sunday 25th October. A very good match up indeed for most ,but, i am personally disappointed. Having already seen the Pats and Tom Brady in the flesh at Dolphin Stadium a couple of years ago i was hoping to see, maybe Peyton and the Colts.
Well Simon and i will no doubt be their though ;)

The Dolphins are 7-5 right now. WOW who would have thought that after last seasons debacle !!!!!!
We sit tied with the Pats in the AFC East 1 game behind the Jets. Do i dare mention the P word ? I doubt it but Parcells and Sparano have done a mighty job to get us this far. In a funny kinda way Favre coming out of retirement was a blessing for the Fins because that allowed QB Chad Pennington to become available and we snapped him up in double quick time.
He isn't Peyton, Drew, Eli or Kurt but Chad has been solid and has got the offence doing just enough. The D headed by Joey Porter has looked above average and its all good just now.

NFL is big on SKYSPORTS and they run their Fantasy Competition every week.
In Week 10 guess what, yours truly only managed to win the Weekly Comp with 163 points :)
A Goody bag on its way but even better, each weekly winner goes into a prize draw. A trip for 2 to go to the Superbowl for the lucky person drawn out. A 1 in 17 chance to go to the Superbowl in Tampa in February would be a dream come true !!!!!!!
Winner is drawn out the first weekend of the playoffs, heres hoping :)

If you want to play go to NFLUK.COM , join (its free) go to GAMES then FANTASY FOOTBALL.
ps Simons already packed his case lol

Should be back at work Mon 8th Dec so will have to make the most of this week.
Now i can walk again i will be back at Hall Green, the regulars might have missed me ;)
So have the regulars on the £2 Betfair Forum Thread, will catch up with them very soon.

Well, finally got arsed to update.

Thx and GL

Sunday, 3 August 2008

July Review

Hall Green Stats + Comments for July

Aria (0-0) Newcomer, should be trialling soon.
Belle (2/17) Won an A7 from her 3 starts.
Betty (4/17) No runs, still off with injury.
Fivo (4-23) Finally broke his duck at A2 level :) from 3 starts.
Lucy (6/23) Trialled back on after False Heat and ready to go.
Lulu (3/20) Off due to seasonal rest (21st June).
Marvin (7/36) Fine start to July completing a fine Hatrick in A5, A3, and A2 before his DQ on his 6th and final start.
Polar (1/9) No joy in a couple of runs since his layoff.
Russ (4/22) Back with a bang, winning an A2 and two A1s from four starts.
Shelley (1/15) No wins from 5 starts in July, three 3rds in A7 at backend.
Teddy (8/37) Won a 645 Hcap off Scratch and his first A1 from seven starts, still running really well.
Tom (4/18) Ready to trial again shortly, fingers crossed.

July -- 10/30
Year --47/251

A fantastic month for us equalling our ever best total :)
A one in three strike rate says it all. Well Done Gang :)

July Dog Of The Month -- Russ


Had a great month at the tables where the $5K GTD win was obviously the highlight.
Played a lot more in July thanks to having some time off work and really enjoyed it.
Almost won A 'Gatsby' but thanks for the honourable mention ;)

Unfortunately my car has been wrote off after the accident and will continue to drive the posh courtesy car for now ;)

Footy season just around the corner so Saturdays will become hard work again ;)
Looks like the Gareth Barry saga continues and it looks like he has played his last game for us :(

Anyways Thx and GL

Big High + Massive Low

Last time i posted we had 5 runners to finish off the month, so on Tues 29th we made the usual trip to Hall Green.
Polar and Teddy ran, both finishing 4th, then the fun started.
Russ ran a blinder to win his fifth A1 in fine style, obviously we were delighted :)
Then 30 mins later Marvin lines up for a S3 race. We fancied our chances of a double especially as Marv had been flying of late.
Traps went up and he found himself in a good position, as the race unfolded we were getting quite excited as he was coming with his usually late charge. Just as Marv hits the front, for some unknown reason he decides to 'have a look' as he goes by. After the 'Interference' he comes home in 3rd beaten Shd, Shd.
Now after 96 races and never showing any tendancy to be Awkward EVER we were hoping that he may be given the benefit of the doubt and just be marked 'AWK' !!!!!!
The result of the race came over the tannoy and we heard the dreaded comments ''Trap 6 Shear Heaven has been Disqualified for Deliberate Interference''. We were distraught. Marvins career has been left in tatters and he may not run again :(
Discussions will be held over the coming days to see if he can race at HG again, but to be honest i think it will be highly unlikely :(

Latest results --

Tues 29th
Polar (1/9) 4th in A2.
Teddy (8/37) 4th in 645 hcap.
Russ (4/22) WON A1@2/1 4.64 sectional :)
Marvin (7/36) 3rd in S3. DQ see above :(

Weds 30th
Shelley (1/15) 3rd in A7.

July --- 10/30
Year -- 47/251

Thx and GL

Monday, 28 July 2008

Teddy 'Powers' For A1 Success

Teddy (Lagganmore Power) has been running really well this month, so well that he tasted victory in an A1 for the first time on Friday :)
His style of running (coming from off the pace) makes him really exciting to watch.
Since taking him to Perry Barr for the Open behind the smart Olygirl he has won 6/14, gone from A4 to A1 and took a 645m Hcap off scratch in fine style. WELL DONE Teddy :)

Last weeks runners ---

Tues 22nd
Shelley (1/14) 3rd in A7.

Weds 23rd
Belle (2/16) WON A7@11/4 well done Lightning ;)
Marvin (7/35) 3rd in A1, failed the 4 timer but still another good run.

Fri 25th
Teddy (8/36) WON A1@5/2 Got up in the shadows for his maiden A1 win :)
Polar (1/8) 6th in A2, needed that run after long lay off.

Sat 26th
Belle (2/17) 5th in A6, ran better than position suggests after encountering traffic problems.

July --- 9/25 (for us Win to Run Ratio is fantastic)
Year - 46/246

On Tuesdays card (tomorrow) we have four runners.
Polar, Russ, Teddy and Marvin.
Our Final runner of the month will be Shelley, she is out on Weds Bags.
Very best of luck to all 5 :)

After my win at the start of the month, the poker is still not too bad, a few FT appearances but no more victorys to report.

No one likes finishing Second :(
BUT Ukgatsby did just that recently in Cryptos $20k GTD for $4,000 :)
A truly Great result Mate WP ;)
I am sure a 'Major' one like this wont be too far away :)

Down at Villa Park. Wilfred Bouma's injury tainted our win in the InterToto Cup First Round.
Lets hope for a speedy recovery.
Gareth Barry came on as a Sub for him and lets hope he can be persuaded to stay at the club for at least another 12 months.

Anyways Thx and GL

Monday, 21 July 2008

Hattrick Hero Marv + Russ At The Double

We are having a great run at Hall Green at present, where the Boys are really strutting their stuff :)
Marvin has completed a fine Hattrick and Russ has Doubled up, Teddy and Fivo have both chalked up a win also ;)

July results so far :-

Tues 1st
Teddy (6/31) 2nd in 645m Hcap, Ran a fine race in defeat.

Weds 2nd
Marvin (4/31) 4th in A4.

We have another arrival in Aria, My good friend Neil has talked me into a third share with him and his mate Andy. She is settling in nicely at Paul Sallis' Kennels. GL Aria :)

Fri 4th
Fivo (3/21) 5th in A2.

Sat 5th
Shelley (1/11) 6th in A6.
Teddy (6/32) 3rd in A1 , good run in top grade.
Russ (2/19) Won A2@7/4 in a trap to line victory :)

Weds 9th (oh what a day)
Marvin (5/32) WON A5@3/1 Downgrade done the trick, won well in a good time.
Fivo (4/22) WON A2@9/2 His first triumph at A2 level :)

Whilst driving to the track i was involved in a car accident when another car rammed me from behind :(
Absolutely gutted to miss them both win :(

Fri 11th
Belle (1/15) 4th in A7, think RM has forgot about her.
Teddy (6/33) 2nd in A2, By god hes running well.
Shelley (1/12) 5th in A7.

Sat 12th
Russ (3/20) WON A1@2/1 A rare come from behind win for him :)

Tues 15th
Teddy (7/34) WON 645mHcap@7/4 A well deserved win off scratch :)
Marvin (6/33) WON A3@5/1 Defies a 2 grade hike to double up :)

Fri 18th
Shelley (1/13) 3rd in A7, slowly improving.
Polar had a trial and graded back on :)

A special mention to Bubbly Sparky who tonight took his tally to 5/10 in winning a Maiden Open at Romford for my good friend Nick. He says watch out for next years Derby !!!!!! GL mate :)

Sat 19th (owners night)
Teddy (7/35) 3rd in A1, a fine sub 29.00 run.
Russ (3/21) 4th in a bumpy A1.
Fivo (4/23) 6th in A1, first time in with the big boys.
Marvin (7/34) WON A2@5/1 Three in a row for the Hattrick. Well done Marv :)

July --- 7/19
Year - 44/240

Finally a special mention for Padraig Harrington who defended his Open Title in great style up at Birkdale over the past few days and to Greg Norman for performing admirably.
Tiger was missed but it was still a memorabe Open Championship.

Thx and GL

Friday, 4 July 2008


Just taken down the 11.00pm $5K GTD on William Hill and I am Buzzing.
Its my Favourite Tournament and i have always wanted to win it :)
My biggest ever win playing Poker and I can't believe it.

Played a solid game but I did get lucky on the winning hand AJ v J8, flop 876. Money goes in, 10 turn, A River for the win :)

June Dogs Stats and comments
Belle (1/14) on back after season with a 4th in A7.
Betty (4/17) no luck in three A4s and is off with a shoulder injury.
Fivo (3/20) 3rd,4th + 5th in A2s, still cant win an A2 :(
Lucy (6/23) Won a S4 and had 3 runs at A3 level, best was a 2nd.
Lulu (3/20) Had 3 runs in A4s, awk on latest but now in season.
Marvin (4/30) two 3rds + three 4ths over both distances , hopefully be winning soon but somehow he has got his Wide Seed back :(
Polar (1/7) Got off the mark when winning an A3 :) ,on his next run he finished 6th in A2 and unfortunately ripped a nail out, ouch :(
Russ (1/18) three creditable 2nds in A2 since his comeback.
Shelley (1/10) Won an A7 and 5th in A6 on her 2 runs in june.
Teddy (6/30) Won two A2s from 5 runs, running really well at present.
Tom (4/18) still off with injury and has been swimming :)
June -- 5/31
Year - 37/221
June Dog Of The Month -- Teddy
Thx and GL

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Mays Stats + Comments

A little belated but heres Mays Stats !!!!!!

Belle (1/13) Now trialling back in after seasonal rest.
Betty (4/14) Won an A4 from six runs, down for retrial, has had a busy schedule.
Fivo (3/17) Running well, 3 A2s and 3 3rds and a WIN in A3.
Lucy (5/19) 3 WINS from six starts, a fantastic month Winning A5,A4+ 645 Hcap.
Lulu (3/17) 0/3 in A4, K'Oed in latest and has graded back on.
Marvin (4/25) A couple of 2nds in S3+A3 from 5 runs.
Polar (0/5) Made a pleasing start to his career without winning after good runs in 5 A2s, not getting beaten that far in most of them.
Russ (1/15) Has started to trial back on.
Shelley (0/8) 2nd+4th in A7s after coming back from season.
Teddy (4/25) Ran 3rd behind the smart Olygirl at Perry Barr in a 660m Open. Has WON 2 from 3 since back at HG at A4+A3 level. Running well.
Tom (4/18) Won an A2 in a very good time from 3 runs, also 3rd and 5th in A1 company but came off sore after his latest run. Having a few weeks off.

May --- 8/39
Year - 32/190

A good month for us with 8 winners :)
Lucy and Teddy the pick of the bunch.
June hopefully will be the same and looking forward to see Shelley and Russ in full flow again and hopefully Polar breaking his duck ;)

Puppy Dan went to Ireland to continue his rearing and Janey has found a new home :)

May Dog Of The Month -- LUCY just shades it with 3 wins from 6 starts.

Been a busy start to June already and will be updated after Saturdays runners.

Well done to Loyal Honcho on a great win in this years Greyhound Derby, a deserved success for the Grahams after going so close in the past.

The Epsom Derby takes place in a few hours and i fancy New Approach to taste Classic Glory for the Bolger team.

NFL Tickets for the October Wembley game between the New Orleans Saints and the San Diego Chargers went on sale late in May and Simon and I will be there again to see the action :)

Euro 2008 starts tonight, with no home nations in attendance it will be very different but the football should still be good with many of the top Premiership players out there.
A boring tip but i fancy the Germans to win it with Spain taking the runners up spot.

GL + Thx